Chinese Money Origami

Many people seem to enjoy the things I can fold out of money, so I thought I would share some of the more fun things with you. You also can use google, to find instructions for folding your own money.

Money Shirts

For a long time, I didn't make the money shirt, because I found the arms hard to fold well. With a little bit of practice, I was able to quickly and easily make the arms, so now I fold more shirts than anything else, because they're quick and easy and look good.

If you'll notice, the 1 dollar bill shirt, is folded down the middle, but not the other ones. All the instructions tell you to fold the bill down the middle, but I figured out how to fold the shirt, without the middle fold. I feel the lack of that middle fold makes them look better. I like the way the last two (1 mao, and 5 mao) turned out, with the pattern. Sometimes when give the 1 mao shirt to a begger, and get an "ooohhh" out of them, when they see it.

USA one dollar bill folded into a shirtImage of a 100 RMB bill, folded into a shirtImage of a 1 RMB bill, folded into a shirtImage of a 5 mao (0.5 RMB) bill, folded into a shirtImage of a 1 mao (0.1 RMB) bill, folded into a shirt

Money Ring and Chain

A few years back, I finally learned how to fold a dollar bill into a ring, so it was only natural that I would try the same thing when I got to China. I really like the ring, because it is fairly quick and easy to fold, and it looks good. I also carry a ring, as "emergency" money, for unexpected expenses, and use is as a money "clip". I stuff my spending money, inside of the ring, and it gives my money an unique curl to it. Some people get scammed by bad taxi drivers, who take your 100 rmb bill, and hand you back a fake one, then claim you gave them the fake one. I suspect that has never happened to me, in part because my money has a different curl to it, than most people's money (I also don't take the taxi a lot).

The 50 RMB bill is the perfect size, for folding into a ring, but the 100 RMB bill no problem, and only requires an extra fold to make it the right height-width ratio. A 10 or 20 RMB bill, is suitable for folding into a ring for a child, but the smaller size, and different height-width ratio, makes it a little tricky to fold, and does not look quite as good as the 50 or 100 rmb bill rings.

Not only does the design on the bill, put the emblem in the perfect place for a ring, but the denomination comes out pefect on the band, as a bonus.

Image of a 100 RMB bill, folded into a ring. Front viewImage of a 100 RMB bill, folded into a ring. Back view

One day, I get some money from the bank, and notice it is mostly new bills, so I decide to make them into rings, and make the rings into a chain, and this is what I came up with. This chain is only 900 RMB, because I was too lazy to fold more. If you look closely, you may notice it is also in a spiral.
nine 100 RMB bills, folded into rings, and linked together into a chain

Money Hat

I saw some pictures where someone had folded the us 10 and 20 dollar bill, so that they were wearing a hat, and I liked how it looked so much, I decided to try to make something similar. I feel this one is the best out of all my attempts. I'm still searching for the perfect way to fold this. I want to do it in such a way, as to incorporate the design of the money, on the hat.

Image of a 10 RMB bill, folded so that Chairman Mao is wearing a hat


Money Stars

The money star is the newest thing I learned how to fold. They look simple, because they are, but if you want them to look uniform, and pefect, they're tedious to fold. I spend about 20 minutes to fold one star, and do a nice job. The reason it is so tedious, to make it look the best, is because I can't just fold every bill exactly the same, and have the design be in the same place. So I fold the first one, and use that as a reference to make sure the pattern lines up uniformly.

Image of five 100 RMB bills, folded into a starImage of five  bills, folded into a starImage of five 5 mao (0.5 RMB) bills, folded into a star, as viewed from behind

Because I have to pay attention to what is on the surface of the money, to make a good looking star, I decided to see if I could use the designs on the money on the star. This is my first attempt at folding a star, using the pattern on the money, as part of the design on the star. This was just an experiment, and while it didn't come out the way I hoped for, it shows promise.

Image of five 5 mao (0.5 RMB) bills, folded into a star.

This is my 2nd attempt. I was trying for a 5 pointed star, but the size of the points dictated that it would be a 6 point star. The way it fits together, does not make it as sturdy as the 5 point stars, but it isn't going to fall apart if you drop it.

Image of six 1 mao (0.1 RMB) bills, folded into a star

More Money Fun

So, after you have made the hat, the next logical thing to do is to put it on top of the shirt. This rarely fails to get a good laugh out of people.

Image of Mao with the hat, and the 100 RMB bill shirt