Adventures Nightmares in Passport Renewal

Without a doubt, the US State Department should be considered a domestic terrorist organization. Every time I've had any contact with these people, they have done nothing but lie to me, and jerk me around. Hell, it's their policy, to lie to you, and jerk you around.

My problems first started 7 years ago, when I first applied for my passport. They said I was denied a passport, because I owe more than $2500 in child support. That is a lie! All my previous child support had been dropped, and I didn't owe anything, yet my passport was still being blocked. I contacted the prosecutor's office, and they said I needed to pay them $5400, of not-child support, to get my passport unblocked. This is nothing more than extortion. Since I can't get a passport without removing that block, and they won't remove that block without me paying them $5400 in extortion money, I decided it was easier to just pay it off, rather than fight it. So, I paid it off, and got the block removed from my passport. You'd think all I have to do, is call the State Department and tell them, and tell them the block was removed, and get my new passport, right? Wrong! I called these motherfuckers every day, or every other day, for months, before one of their minions told me they hadn't looked at my application since I first filed it. Finally, I gave up, and called my congressman's office, and they had my passport to me, within 48 hours.

Recently I went into the local consulate (which takes me all day, to go there and back), to renew my passport, because my old passport has no blank pages left, and only 3 years left on it. It makes no sense to spend 1/2 the price of a passport, to add more pages (that should have been there in the first place), to only get 3 more years out of it, compared to paying pull price, and getting a new passport that is good for 10 years. I'm trying to get a 3 year residence permit, so my passport wouldn't be valid for 3 years, by the time I actually got it, so that was another factor in getting a new passport, rather than just adding pages to my old passport. Also, by renewing my passport, it means I'm not left without a passport, or that is the theory.

When I went to apply for my new passport, they refused to return my old passport to me, saying they need it for "administrative review". I asked "what does that mean?", and all they would say, is "administrative review", like I'm stupid, and what they're saying is obvious. Well, I knew that was a fuckin' lie, as soon as they said it, and I was right. These lying sacks of shit, won't tell you anything, about what is going on, so you have no opportunity to try to fix whatever problem they have. They won't even tell you there is a problem, you just have to figure it out on your own, or wait until they call you back. When they do call you back, they lure you in, with more lies. A week after I applied for my passport, they called me, and told me, I need to go back to the consulate to "complete my application". What the fuck? My application is complete! Just more lies! Then when I called them back, they said they need to "complete my interview". What the fuck? Obviously, I spotted this as a lie too. I asked, why they didn't interview me when I was there, and they said because they didn't know everything they wanted to ask me. More fuckin' LIES! I think it's impossible for these turd swallowing maggots to tell the truth.

I figured it was a problem with my past child support, which I didn't owe anything on, so I called the prosecutor's office, and they confirmed that there was a child support block on my passport, and removed it, and cleared my record. So I'm thinking everything is fine, and I just need to go back now, and pick up my passports (old and new). I try to contact them, to make sure that everything is good, but they won't tell me anything, continuing to lie to me, saying I need to go back to "complete my application", or "complete my interview".

So, I made an appointment, and went back in to the consulate. After waiting an hour, they finally called me into their "private" booth, to fuck me further. There they told me, I was not able to get a passport, because there is a felony warrant out for my arrest in USA, since 2004. What the fuck?!?! I got my passport in 2007! They're telling me, there was a mistake, and I somehow got a passport, and went through airport security, and was able to leave the country while there was an active warrant out for me. I told them, this was obviously a mistake, since if there was actually an active warrant out for me, I wouldn't have been able to get a passport in the first place. They didn't even bother to check the system again, when I was there, to see if the papers they're giving me is accurate or not. If they had bothered to do this, on the day I was there, they would have seen, that there is no warrant out for me, but asking them to do their job, is just too much for them.

So, I wait until the evening, when people are working in USA, so I can try to figure out what is going on. I called the authorities first thing in their morning (10 pm for me)...and guess what? There is no warrant out for me. They told me, that a mistake was made, and that this ancient (and bogus) warrant was activated in their system, but they realized it was a mistake, and pulled it out of their system 2 days before I went to the consulate. So at the instant, those cock sucking whores handed me that paper saying there is a warrant out for my arrest, there is no warrant for my arrest. All of that shit was dropped over 10 years ago! If those worthless sacks of shit, had done their job, I would have had both my old, and new passports, right this instant. Of course, if they did that, then they'd be doing their jobs, which is impossible for them to do. All they know how to do is lie and steal. If I'm unable to get this problem resolved, they'd just keep my money, and give me nothing.

This is still pending as I write this. I'm still in violation of Chinese law, by not having a valid passport. Shit like this makes me ashamed to be an American. I have absolutely no desire to ever return to USA, because of shit like this, that I get from my government. My Chinese friends are surprised when I say I don't like living in USA, and I have no desire to ever return. The truth is, I'd rather die in China, than live in USA!


UPDATE: I called them, first thing on Monday morning, and they tell me there is yet another block on my passport! Why the fuck couldn't these assholes tell me this on Friday, when I was there in person? I probably could have had it cleared this morning, if they simply let me know. It's like they're playing games with me. And with the time difference between USA and China, neither one are working at the same time, so I can't even get them to contact each other. This is infuriating!


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