How Amazon China Fucked Me Out of 869 RMB (about $140 USD)

I ordered a 24" monitor from Amazon China, on June 20th. It arrived a few days later. The box it arrived in was undamaged, but the monitor box was damaged, and the monitor inside is broken. On the opposite side of box, from where the monitor is broken, is a hole, with a piece of tape over it. Based on the size and shape of the hole, I suspect it was hit by a forklift, and knocked onto the floor, breaking it. The damage to the monitor box, does not look severe enough to have broken the monitor, but it did.

I had a friend contact Amazon China, because my Chinese skills aren't so good. They claim I broke the monitor after I received it, and I didn't sign for it (they left it at the front gate of my apartment complex), so they can't replace it. I tried contacting them myself, but I got no response.

So, this is how Amazon China fucks you. They send you broken products, then claim you broke it.

Amazon China has lost all future business from me, because of this. I suggest you be very weary from ordering from Amazon China, unless you want to get fucked like I did.

[To be updated with pictures]


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