How Amazon China Fucked Me Out of 869 RMB (about $140 USD)


I ordered a 24" monitor from Amazon China, on June 20th. It arrived a few days later. The box it arrived in was undamaged, but the monitor box was damaged, and the monitor inside is broken. On the opposite side of box, from where the monitor is broken, is a hole, with a piece of tape over it. Based on the size and shape of the hole, I suspect it was hit by a forklift, and knocked onto the floor, breaking it. The damage to the monitor box, does not look severe enough to have broken the monitor, but it did.

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Getting my old passport returned to me.


Usually, if you lose your passport, you would report it to the police as missing or stolen, and they'd give you a document stating that fact. You can't get a new passport, from the consulate, without that document, and you can't get a replacement visa either. Well, I had a new passport, but without my old passport, or that document saying it's missing, I'm in an odd position.

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Passport renewal update - things are mostly good now.


In my previous blog post, I was very critical of the consulate and State Department. I'm still very critical of their policies, however, I was able to get everything straightend out.

Since the blocks on my passport were in error, after I got those cleared up, the consulate has actually been very helpful.

So, I have my new passport, but the State Department instructed them not to return my old passport, because it's been revoked, and not just canceled. Not having my old passport creates big problems for me, because it's not the normal procedure.

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Adventures Nightmares in Passport Renewal


Without a doubt, the US State Department should be considered a domestic terrorist organization. Every time I've had any contact with these people, they have done nothing but lie to me, and jerk me around. Hell, it's their policy, to lie to you, and jerk you around.

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Chinese Money Origami

Many people seem to enjoy the things I can fold out of money, so I thought I would share some of the more fun things with you. You also can use google, to find instructions for folding your own money.

New, and updated site online


I finally decided to upgrade my site, from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Instead of migrating it, I decided just to install a fresh, clean, install. I figured I had so few pages, it would be quicker and easier to just make them over again, rather than spend the time to upgrade Drupal. The theme I'm using is Marinelli theme, but all of my banners were made for the Drupal 6 Marinelli theme, so they're stretched a little bit due to their differences in size.

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